6 Used Film Cameras You’d Want to Use Right Away

There is no doubt you will look great when you use used film cameras that were manufactured by high-profile brands. Here are some cameras you should consider adding to your collection as soon as possible:

1. Nikon F6

1. Nikon F6

Due to the metal alloy, you can assure yourself of using this used film camera for quite a long time. There is no question you’d feel great with the 5.5 fps as it is pretty fast with all the stuff you will want to capture.

2. Canon A-1

The controls are manual so you can choose the settings that you will love the most. Also, it has its place in history as one of the finest cameras you will ever use. The back is removable so it can be lighter when you want to carry the used film camera to other places you have never been to in the past. Additionally, the dedicated hot shoe will let you cease in amazement with all the things you can capture with the blink of an eye.

3. Minolta X-700

Due to how confident they are about this product, they did not hesitate in attaching a long warranty to this product. After all, you’d want to realize how great it would be for the shutter to be electronically timed. The touch-switch also lets you save battery so you can use the used film camera for a longer period of time.

4. Mamiya RB67

The focus screen of this film camera is so big that you can easily view all the things you want to see. Since this is mechanical, you won’t have to be worried about anything else. Also, you can crop some objects out if you feel that they are not needed.

5. Contax G1

You will never make the mistake of buying at Keh as every purchase would bring a good possibility to all of the camera lovers out there. There are plenty of passionate enthusiasts out there who would stop at nothing to do what is best for business.

6. Leica M2

You will be impressed by the self-timer of this used film camera. There are plenty of possibilities when you choose to purchase at Keh so you will never regret each moment you decide to go there even if you are by yourself. The main point is you would get every penny of your money’s worth when you go there with all of your money.

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