Why Buy Minolta M35Z 20MP 1080p Camera

The Minolta M35Z is a 20-megapixel 1080p HD camera that has excellent autofocus, macro focusing to around 10 inches, 20x optical zoom, and an impressive 28mm wide-angle lens. It’s small and lightweight enough to carry all day on many hikes or trips. With this camera, you will never want to leave home without it. The automatic exposure control is quick and makes taking photos easy as well as photographing objects with various light reflectances a breeze.

Why buy this camera?

Are you looking for a very compact, lightweight camera that takes great pictures of things near and far? This is it. The M35z is as close to perfection in a compact as you can get. If you already own a digital SLR, you might want to pass on this one. I say that because the SLR allows greater flexibility in lens selection than any point and shoot could ever hope to offer.

I’ve had my camera for a year and use it almost daily. I love the lens, the ability to zoom in to get great closeups of flowers, insects, etc., and the smoothness of the autofocus. I am a casual hiker who is not inclined to waist-deep snorkeling or similar adventures. However, I am drawn to the outdoors and tend to hike at least 4 or 5 times a month.

The M35z is a sturdy, lightweight camera that you can use to capture your memories, and then it is easy to carry around all day in your bag. The weight feels just right and the lens cap fits snugly on the camera. I recommend this camera for a first-time or casual photographer, but don’t expect miracles if you already own a higher-end digital SLR.


The Minolta M35Z is a great camera for someone who wants to take small, sharp pictures of things near and far. It has excellent macro capabilities as well as autofocus. Its lightweight feel makes it easy to carry around all day and the lens cap fits snugly on the camera. I give this model my top rating for a point-and-shoot 20MP camera with its ability to produce photos that are sharp, crisp, and well defined.

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