Features Of Smart Plug

Smart Plug is the fantastic product that is designed to change your life. It has the ability to make life easier for you by managing devices and appliances, when connected with certain devices. Even better? It’s built for convenience and will turn off power when it senses that you are not home or are away. This means no more worrying about down time bills!

Features of Smart Plug

1.Wi-Fi connectivity

This smart plug offers Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled through your iPhone or Android device. It also has a free app available on Google play store, Amazon Appstore and itunes.

2.Schedule turning on/of

You can schedule the device to turn on and off at certain times of day and dates. You can also group multiple devices to one smart plug so that you control them all with one tap of a button. The product comes with an inbuilt USB port for charging mobile devices and appliances, such as coffee maker, crock pot, electric smoker etc..

3.System compatibility

This smart plug is compatible with both iPhone and Android for manual control. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, meaning you can use voice commands to turn on ,off or dim the lights with your voice.

4.Remote control

With the help of this smart plug, you can control devices that are connected to it from anywhere around the world using your smartphone through your home network. This device is also wall mountable making it easy to set up anywhere in your home. Since it is a Wi-Fi hub, you’ll need a Wi-Fi signal for it to work so place it next to the router and give yourself more flexibility in placement.

5.Energy saving

This smart plug has the ability to control your devices and appliances depending on your usage and is specially designed for energy saving activities. You can use it to turn them off when you’re not home as well as turning them on when you are at home. With the auto turn off feature, it will disconnect power after you leave the house. This saves energy and protects your appliances from damage that can be caused by overcharging or over-heating.

6.Multiple devices

The smart plug allows you to connect up to 10 devices at a time so that they all work in coordination with one another using one single device instead of multiple ones that you would have connected before.

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