Best Decanters for Wine or Whiskey Entusiasts

If you are a wine, whiskey, or other type of drink enthusiast, then using a decanter is a great idea. The increased oxygen exposure greatly improves the taste and allows fruit and floral aromas to come out. In the following list, you will find 9 great decanters, all of which are made of high-quality materials.

1. Wine Enthusiast Art Series Cascade Wine Decanter

A unique design and an interior wall handblown with a scalloped surface make this wine decanter perfect for every wine lover. It creates a natural ventilation system and a stainless-steel aerating pourer ensures easy and elegant use. The decanter is perfect for every occasion, including parties and gatherings.

2. Recanter Wine Breather Decanter

A sommelier-style decanter that is perfect for red wine storage, Recanter promises to enhance your wine’s savor for as long as you wish. It features a chic wide-flared bottom and a tight silicone stopper to secure the decanter onto the wine bottle and allow you to pour the wine without spills.

3. Wine Enthusiast Art Series Cobra Decanter

A mesmerizing design, serpentine-shaped makes this decanter perfect for special occasions where you wish to impress your visitors. The decanter is made of high-quality lead-free crystal glass and it is the perfect gift for red wine fans.

4. Floating Glass Skull Whiskey Decanter

This globe-style decanter with skull and glass stand can be the perfect addition to your gothic-styled home bar. It is made of high-resistant borosilicate glass and once filled, a skull appears in both the decanter and the set of two glasses.

5. Astor Whiskey Decanter

Handcrafted in Europe from high-quality crystalline glass, this classic, yet elegant decanter is perfect for any whiskey lover. It features a solid block stopper and you can choose between different personalization options if you wish to offer the decanter as a gift.

6. Etched Golf Whiskey Decanter

With a golf swing etching and a simple, yet modern design, it is no wonder why people have praised this whiskey decanter so much. Its capacity is 36 fl oz and the sand-carved etching process is used to create multi-layered images of the golf swinger.

7. Wine Enthusiast Art Series Wine Tower Decanting Set

A luxurious, mesmerizing, and original decanter showcases the unique chemistry between design and fine red wine. It is made of durable, yet extremely lightweight borosilicate glass and comes with a solid wood stand and a drip tray. As your wine travels along a winding funnel, it will not only get exposed to oxygen, but it is also a mesmerizing sight.

8. Fusion Break-Resistant Duck Decanter

This is one of the most break-resistant decanters on the market. It is reinforced with magnesium and comes with an impressive 10-year limited guarantee in case of accidental breakage. The wine will travel through an arcing handle coming from a 42 oz. vessel.

9. Double-Wall Wine Saver Decanter

Perfect for serving a red or white wine, as well as mixed drinks, this decanter features a contemporary double-wall design. The outer wall provides thermal insulation to fully maintain the drink’s temperature, whereas the interior wall is where the actual drink is stored. This decanter is suitable for both informal and formal events, and some personalization options are also available.

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