7 Lightweight False Eyelashes

1.Lola's Lashes Sapphire Flick and Stick Eyelash Kit

* These lashes will help bring out the beauty in your eyes. The false lashes are designed to be worn discretely and comfortably thanks to the invisiband®, which is the unique product of the brand. They are lightweight and reusable. It is simple to use.

2.Sweed Lashes Caro - Brown

* The Sweed Lashes Caro – Brown has been carefully handcrafted using human hair, and they feature a high-quality finish that can elevate any appearance to a sophisticated level. The lashes, which are a light brown, produce a pretty delicate definition.

3.Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational - Very Black

* With these lashes, you may achieve eye makeup styles that look entirely natural. This set of lashes has a pattern that is three-quarters of the way long, creating a feathery, overlapping look that adds drama and appeals more modestly.

4.KISS Falscara Eyelash Wisp Multi

* Handmade fake lashes are great for any event because they are soft, lightweight, and reusable. Their three-quarter length shape and distinctive curve allow them to fit the eye contour, making them easy to apply and comfortable to wear.

5.Sweed Lashes Tête à Tête - Black

* Using Ardell Baby Demi Wispies, a set of false lashes somewhat slenderer than a typical strip lash, you may create daytime looks that have a more natural, fluttery appearance. The ‘Baby’ cut features a short length and a moderate volume, giving your eyes a more pronounced appearance of fullness.

6.KISS So Wispy Lash

This exclusive mix contains seeds that help to maintain the energy levels of your aviary friend. Catering mainly to parrots and conures, this mix of pellets are perfectly-sized and contains quality fruits and vegetables to make them more active and healthy, and at the same time nourish their bodies with healthy food.

7.Lola's Lashes L.W.I Icons Only Russian Strip Lashes

* The eyes are brought out subtly and naturally by the barely-there lash style. Eyes are lifted and defined with the help of shorter, wispier lashes with a double curl coating.

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