8 Inflatable Boats That Are Both Practical and Durable

When it comes to boats, practicality is often neglected. What is certain is that you cannot beat the practicality of an inflatable boat and quality plays an important role. If you are looking for an inflatable boat, it needs to be made by a trusted brand that builds durable and reliable products. To make things a bit easier, we picked 8 different inflatable boats that are worth spending money on if you have the budget.

1. West Marine RIB-310 Hypalon Inflatable Boat

West Marine has several amazing boats with their RIB-310 being one of their more compact models. This mid-range model comes with an aluminum hull and has a compact packing size. It is easy to set up and very easy to travel with.

2. West Marine PSB-275 Performance PVC Aluminum Floor Inflatable Sport Boat

The PSB-275 Performance offers great value for money. This inflatable boat is an excellent choice if you like to travel lightly on a boating trip. The model comes with a 10 HP motor, a lightweight hull, and an aluminum floor. It also uses marine plywood and weighs 114 lbs.

3. West Marine PRU-3 Performance Roll-Up Inflatable Boat

If you are looking for an entry-level PRU-3 from West Marine is a great choice. It was designed to be compact, sturdy, and easy to handle. The boat can sustain the weight of a regular adult plus an additional two for a maximum of 992 pounds.

4. West Marine RIB-260 Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat

The West Marine RIB-260 is one of their sturdier models that comes with a reasonable price tag. A mage with a rigid full and lightweight frame, the boat is large enough to carry up to 3 adults. The boat is sturdy enough to handle motors of up to 6 HP.

5. West Marine RIB-310 Double Floor Rigid Inflatable Boat

Despite not having the same practicality as a regular inflatable boat with a standard flexible floor, the West marine RIB-310 is a reliable model. It is a mid-size boat that is easy to pack and just as easy to get ready. It has a modern V-shape and a fiberglass double floor.

6. West Marine RIB-310 Compact Folding Transom Rigid Inflatable Boat

The West Marine RIB-310 comes in several versions. Compared to the rigid floor version, the folding transom one is a bit easier to pack and store. The folding floor makes it smaller when packed but offers the same reliability and rigidness.

7. West Marine AL-320 Hypalon Inflatable Boat

The West Marine AL-320 Hypalon inflatable boat is one of the largest models from the brand. It was made to carry up to 5 adults and can carry a lot of weight. The kit comes with everything needed including a pump, repair kit, and wooden seating.

8. West Marine PHP-275 Performance Air Floor Inflatable Boat

When it comes to practicality, it is difficult to beat the West Marine PHP-275 performance inflatable boat. It is large enough to carry up to 4 adults and a total load of 1103 pounds. It has a lightweight hull, and seating and comes with all the accessories one would need.

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