8 Nutritious And Enjoyable Bird Food Options For Your Feathered Pet

Whether you live with a bird or just love watching colorful aviary species gather around your house, you need to have healthy and nutritious BIRD FOOD to keep them engaged. To help you find the right product, here are the top 8 bird foods that you can purchase the next time you go shopping.

1. Pure Fun By Zupreem:

This exclusive mix contains seeds that help to maintain the energy levels of your aviary friend. Catering mainly to parrots and conures, this mix of pellets are perfectly-sized and contains quality fruits and vegetables to make them more active and healthy, and at the same time nourish their bodies with healthy food.

2. Peanut Pieces By Lyric:

Birds love peanuts and these shelled peanuts are high are protein and fat for your feathery friends to gorge on. The packet contains both whole and split peanuts so that birds can relish these with convenience.

3. Sunburst Gourmet Blend By Higgins:

This parrot food is a healthy treat that comes with natural legumes, exotic fruit (dehydrated), nuts, and vegetables. The colors used in making this treat is naturally derived from healthy sources like annatto seeds, turmeric roots, alfalfa, and beetroots rather that chemical colors.

4. Woodpecker Treat By C&s:

This suet treat is perfect for wild birds and is made using quality beef suet (rendered), pecans, oats, corns, roasted peanuts, and almonds. It has been specifically designed to complement suet cake feeders.

5. Classic Wild Bird Food By Wagner’s:

Top-quality grains are used in making this treat for your feathery friends. It contains a mix of milo, millet, sunflower, and cracked corn that most birds relish. It is perfect for a platform, tube, or hopper-based feeder.

6. Sizzle N’ Heat By Wild Delight:

This treat contains chili peppers that keep squirrels away and makes it easier for birds to safely dive into the treat. This snack includes peanuts and pistachios and is filled with electrolytes, amino acids (essential), vitamins, and minerals to provide proper nutrition to the aviary species.

7. Supreme Dove Food By Kaytee:

This is premium quality treat containing natural seeds, grains like white millet, Canadian field peas, Canary grass seed, and pellets. This food provides nutrients, oils, protein, and fiber to your doves so that they grow to be strong and healthy.

8. No Waste Wild Bird Food By Harvest Seed & Supply:

This snacking treat for birds is a mix of quality canary seed, millet, peanuts, and sunflower chips. It is a mix that is great for attracting birds like woodpeckers, jays, finches, sparrows, titmice, and chickadees, etc. It can be used for filling up your platform feeder, outdoor tube, or hopper.

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